Strong and fit cricketers.

Creates better performances.

What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength training refers to the process of improving, enhancing and maintaining the muscle integrity of the human body through programs designed to suit your needs and involves age appropriate training. Understanding the biomechanics of any given sport (the way athletes move through playing a sport) and analyzing the game demands (what fitness requirements are placed upon the human body), from that point onwards designing a program to strengthen the muscles involved, making movements effective and efficient, while reducing the risk of injury. Ensuring that the athlete sees the tangible benefits and improved sporting performance.

Conditioning is about training the energy systems of the human body in preparation for the sport – REPEAT EFFORT.

Repeat Effort training, ensures that the movements are executed with highest efficiency, without the levels of performance dropping.

Your Strength and Conditioning Coach will combine both aspects of program design, in accordance with your player profile, set goals and design you a program to achieve those

Lerato Mohata (Strength and Conditioning Coach)

Educated at Exercise Teacher’s Academy (eta), in Randburg, Mr Mohata has sound expertise in strength training programs, conditioning exercises, cross fit training, kettlebell training, sport nutrition and importantly, understanding the Long Term Player Development pathway.  Following that, Mr Mohata spent a couple of years at Virgin Active as a Fitness Instructor, working with all ages, inculcating within each individual, a genuine love of physical fitness and performance.   Thereafter, spending a few years in Preparatory School sport, Mr Mohata understands the importance of building relationships with players, while also encouraging players to fulfill their potential in creating an environment that is wholly engaging and challenging.
A rewarding experience is available to our academy players, as we believe in providing a wholesome product that will take care of all our players needs.
We aim to have the best available Coaches working with our players, offering a product that truly is unique.