Management Staff


Chief Executive Officer

Coaching to me is about facilitating others to being their best.  I coach because I love seeing how cricketers journey through the ups and downs of the game, as a way to learn more about themselves and in how they strive to become the best cricketers that they can be.


Chief Executive Officer


Director: Academy Operations
I love the game first and foremost, having played the game for many years at various levels and different environments and having to deal with many different coaches I decided to make a difference not only to the kids/players but also to try improve the standard of coaching kids/players are exposed to, so in saying that I coach cricket to improve CRICKET in general. My motto is we all different so don’t try change what you do just make sure what you do is the best that you can do.  

Randburg Coaching Staff


Senior Coach

I am passionate about cricket and how it challenges me to improve so I can help cricketers with their unique skills and differences.


Senior Coach

I give back and share the knowledge that I have from playing the game of cricket. Cricket makes me happy and it is different than any other game.


Strength & Conditioning

Every child needs someone to believe in them so they can fulfill their potential and become the best person they can be.


Academy Coach

I coach purely for the love of cricket, it’s another opportunity to learn more about the game.  Cricket has always been a passion of mine and if I am not playing I would always want to be involved.  There is no better feeling as a coach than watching a child beat their personal best.  It’s about the growth as an individual and coaching cricketers to become the best that they can be.


Academy Coach

Besides my personal passion for the beautiful game.  Coaching brings out the best in me as a human being. I coach cricket for sharing my extensive knowledge with cricket players who want to improve their game, so that they can reach their maximum potential.