Fast Bowling School – Next only in 2020


Our Fast Bowling School is run by our owners Matthew Arnold & Jody Martins.  Coach Matt is a Titans Fast Bowler who has also represented South Africa at U19 level and Coach Jody is a CSA Level 3 and ACMC Meta Coach (Mental Game Coach).

Next Fast Bowling School

Dates: 2020

Venue: TBC

Time: 18h00 – 19h30 (90 minutes)

Ages: All ages welcome (ideally suited to cricketers 11 and up)



Fast Bowling School is a program that educates fast bowlers on what it takes to be a world class fast bowler.  Other than technical and tactical skills work, we cover warm up, strength and conditioning for fast bowlers, analyzing bowling actions and some key components from our Mental Game School.

The program includes:

Session 1 – Warm up, Fit for Bowling & Bowling Video

During the first session we teach Warming up for Fast Bowling as well as the correct basic movements all fast bowlers must know from a Strength & Conditioning point of view, we video each bowler from 3 angles and might start some technical work.

Session 2 – Analysis of Bowling

Session 2 focuses on primarily on teaching each bowler how to analyze their bowling action.  We take bowlers through the basics of fast bowling through the stages of the bowling action (run-up, set position, action and follow through). This is followed by the starting to implement the points from the analysis through drill work.

Session 3 – 6: Implementing Individual Growth

Over the remaining 4 weeks we assist each bowler to implement the changes in their action.


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