We are excited to announce all our trial dates and other relevant information for 2020.

Trial Dates 2020

19 January (12, 14, 16 Only)

16 February (12, 14, 16 Only)

15 March (12, 14, 16 Only)

19 April (12, 14, 16, 19 & Senior)


Under 12: 08h30 – 10h00

Under 14: 10h00 – 11h30

Under 16: 11h30 – 13h00

Under 19 & Senior: 13h00 – 14h30

Trial Dates 2020

Attend one or attend all, we will also confirm if you have to return.

If you can’t attend any of these dates, and you are interested in potentially playing for the Knights. Let’s make a plan to see you play.

*We will unfortunately not consider stats or video for possible selection.

What we are looking for…

We want cricketers to be themselves and to feel free on any trial day to fully show themselves and their skills.  We might have certain skillsets that we need to fill in each team, but these depend on availability of previous Knights players we want to keep in our system and our own needs within each team.

Parents and players to please understand from the outset that the LPL is a 16 over tournament and we pick squads of 14, as all 14 can play every match.


The tournament is played at various stages.

Juniors (12, 14, 16) are between mid July and mid August. U19’s play between mid August to end August with playoffs and Finals into mid September. Seniors play from end August to Mid September.

All matches are played on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. Fixtures can be one match per day or two matches which can result in a full day at the venue.

There is a fee to the tournament which we collect on behalf of the LPL, along with Knights fees for coaches and additional extras that we believe make the Knights a special franchise to be part of.

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