The Cricket Coaches Way

When attending The Cricket Coaches you will notice that all our coaches use a similar approach to coaching the basic skills, we love coaching an attacking brand of cricket while remaining true to the spirit and traditions of the game.  We have clearly defined methods, processes and strategies to coach batting, bowling, fielding, and wicketkeeping.

When does coaching take place?

We have coaches available for coaching Monday to Sunday.

Our available times are:

Monday to Friday 13h00-18h00

Saturday and Sunday 8h00-13h00

*These times could vary depending on the coach.

How much does coaching cost?

Although all our coaches have different rates below is listed our standard rates for 1on1 cricket coaching with The Cricket Coaches.  Comparatively to other academies we provide cost effective coaching of the highest quality.

  • R800-00 per month for a 30 minute lesson once a week.
  • R1100-00 per month for a 45 minute lesson once a week.
  • R1450-00 per month for a 60 minute lesson once a week.
  • All our fees are payable in advance.  Lessons will not be refunded or made up if the child is absent as we have a 24 hour cancellation poilcy.  Bad weather lessons will be rescheduled where applicable.

Can I attend coaching for just a couple of sessions or months?

Most of our clients come for 1on1 cricket coaching all year round as cricket takes time to develop. We find that these cricketers  grow their games better as we get to coach them through all the ups and downs of the game.  However, we know some clients seek coaching only during specific periods and we are happy to accommodate that.

*We just can’t guarantee that a spot is kept open during away periods.

Who will coach my child?

Depending on availability of coaches any of our coaches are qualified and experienced in nurturing your child’s talent and passion.

Where does Coaching take place?

How can I get my coaching started?